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Reiki Courses

Come, embrace this extraordinary experience, and awaken your inner radiance to a world of infinite possibilities.


Reiki Level I

During Reiki Level I, you receive an attunement to the transformative Reiki energy and receive instruction on utilizing it for self-healing, with the attunement ceremony serving as a sacred connection to the healing energy, channeled through the Crown Chakra.

The course includes:

*     Attunement Ceremony (video)

*     The History, philosophy and Benefits of Reiki

*     Reiki and the Chakra system

*     Hand positions for Self-Reiki and session guidelines

*     Self-Reiki, & Practice

*.    Reiki for animals and plants

*     1-1 Coaching Call

Course Length: 3 hours

*Includes Certificate and Guidebook.

Reiki Level I Fees: $300.00 CAD

This course is offered online. For in-person training contact us or email.


Reiki Level II

Within the Reiki Level II course, you will acquire proficiency in advanced techniques while undergoing an additional Attunement session, enabling you to establish a profound connection with three Usui symbols that serve to amplify and enhance your Reiki sessions.*


The course includes:

*  Attunement session to connect you with the Usui Reiki symbols (video)
*  Description and uses of the three Symbols to enhance and focus the        energy to balance the different layers of the energetic field

*  How to heal others

*  Sending distance Reiki healing .
*  Scanning the energy field and chakra healing & balancing
*  Protecting your energy field, raising your vibration
*  Setting up positive fields of energy for manifesting goals
*  Using Reiki to clear blockages, chakra imbalances and karma 

*  1-1 Coaching Call 


Course Length: 4 hours

*Course fees include Reiki II course material and an electronic certification, upon request.

*You must be attuned to Reiki I and have completed Reiki Level I to do this course

Reiki Level II fees: $300.00 CAD

This course is offered online. For in-person training email.


*It is advised that you wait for the 21 days cleanse period from your first attunement to be over before you start Level II, and that you have practiced self-Reiki for at least 4 hours.



The third level of Reiki is the master teacher training that allows you to teach new Reiki students. This is where you will learn how to perform the attunements for all 3 Reiki levels!

Upon attaining the status of Reiki Master, your vibrational frequency undergoes a transformative shift, heralding the arrival of new and elevated experiences, as the heightened vibration within you intensifies the flow of Reiki, resulting in profound changes within and around you that align with this empowering new state.

The Master Class INCLUDES:

* The sacred initiatory "Water Ceremony" for Master students

* Attunement to the Level III Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher     IV Levels 

* How to perform a level I attunement, II attunement, III attunement

* How to perform distant Reiki attunements

* Attunement to four additional Reiki (Usui) symbols – two Usui Master        Symbols and two Tibetan Master symbols. 

* Learn Advanced Healing Techniques

* Learn how to teach Reiki to others, including how to do the         Attunement Process.

Course length: 8 hours


*Review Reiki Levels I and II from a teaching perspective. 

*You also receive the Reiki Master Attunement followed by a review of the Master symbols, their uses, and other Advanced Healing Techniques. 

*Reiki and the Ascension Process

*Tap into the journey of self-mastery, protecting your energy field, raising your vibration and manifesting with higher consciousness.  



*Learn how to teach Reiki to others, including how to do the Attunement Process.

*Learn how to do the Attunement process and practice it.  

*Healing in the Quantum Field safely

*Set up your Reiki practice! Review business practices and self-employment opportunities, insurance requirements, and more!

Reiki Master Level III & IV Investment: $600.00 CAD 

*Course fees include a Reiki Master manual and accredited certification


Please contact us to arrange your Reiki Master Level Class or for 1-1 Master Level Training.

*You must have a Reiki level 1 and level 2 certification before you can take Reiki level 3. It is recommended you performed at least 40 hours of Reiki sessions and practiced using the Reiki sacred symbols for 3 months to be familiar with the process. 


Lisa Davies is registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals®. Please contact us for more information on class schedules and availability

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