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Rev. Lisa Davies, CH. 


Lisa Davies is a highly skilled and compassionate spiritual professional who has dedicated her work to helping others achieve healing, personal growth, and spiritual transformation. As an Ordained Spiritual Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, Medium, Master Hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher, and RYT200, with a background in addiction and mental health counselling, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise and a holistic approach to her practice. 

Having a deep understanding the power of the mind, Lisa utilizes her mastery of hypnotherapy to guide individuals towards profound positive change. Through gentle yet powerful techniques, she helps clients overcome limiting beliefs, release emotional blockages, and tap into their inner resources for personal empowerment and growth and create lasting shifts in their lives. 


With her background in mental health and addiction counselling and Spiritual Ministry, Lisa offers guidance and support to individuals seeking deeper meaning and connection in their lives. Her compassionate and intuitive nature allows her to create a sacred space for exploration, assisting clients in aligning with their spiritual essence and accessing higher wisdom. Additionally, Lisa is recognized for her mediumship abilities, allowing her to connect with departed loved ones and provide messages from the spirit world.  Offer healing, comfort, and guidance to those seeking connections from loved ones who have crossed over.

Furthermore, as an Healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Lisa harnesses the healing energy of Reiki to restore balance, promote relaxation, and facilitate energetic healing.

Lisa's unique blend of spiritual wisdom, therapeutic expertise, and holistic modalities creates a transformative experience for her clients. With Lisa as your guide, you can expect a nurturing and empowering journey towards self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation. Her integrated approach and profound insights will support you in unleashing your inner potential, cultivating inner peace, and embracing a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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