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Marcella, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Art Therapy

Marcella, beyond her MBA credentials, is a healer and fervent advocate for well-being. As the visionary behind the 'Mandala Colouring Journal,' she seamlessly blends her passion for therapy, art, and mindfulness into a transformative experience. Marcella specializes in motivation, self-discovery, mindfulness, balance, and happiness cultivation, and uniquely emphasizes the therapeutic benefits of artistic approaches, mindful meditation, and energy healing.

Marcella's multifaceted expertise extends beyond conventional well-being practices. She uniquely integrates artful therapies, mindful meditation, and energy healing into her holistic approach. With a genuine commitment to aiding individuals facing life challenges, Marcella's holistic methodology fosters profound transformation and healing.

Marcellas passion for art therapies makes them the cornerstone of her practice. Through the expressive medium of art, mindful meditation techniques, and the ancient wisdom of energy healing, she guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and balance.

As a Reiki Master, and member of Canadian Reiki Association, Marcella not only practices the sacred art of Reiju and Healing Techniques passed down by Mikao Usui but also integrates energy healing seamlessly into her approach. Her exposure to the Gendai Reiki Healing approach enhances the depth and effectiveness of her holistic well-being offerings.

Marcella's 'Mandala Colouring Journal' is a therapeutic gateway. Through artistic expression, mindful meditation, and energy-infused healing practices, Marcella invites you to explore profound transformation, self-reflection, and enhanced well-being.


Discover the synergy of therapeutic art, mindful meditation, and energy healing with Marcella, where her diverse expertise and creative endeavors create a sacred space for profound healing, artistic expression, and mindfulness cultivation.

Marcella Colorful background
Marcella preparing workshop
marcella at Manadal Workshop
Marcella reiki
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Elevate your mindfulness journey as you bring stunning mandala designs to life, page by page with Marcella's Mandala Art Colouring Journal. Don't miss a world-renowned masterpiece that beckons you into a realm of creativity and calm.
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Our mindful art coaching and energy healing empowers clients to make meaningful improvements in their lives. 

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